A National Security Advantage Waiting to Happen

There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re lucky to be living in Texas. Thanks to this beautiful state’s abundance of diverse, rich natural resources we’re able to enjoy the luxury of having the option and power to choose which energy provider we would like to serve our businesses and family. With the likes of https://www.choosetexaspower.org/ leading the way we’re capable of picking out exactly the kind of energy we would want to be pumped right into our homes, but isn’t it time that we begin looking even more closely at the alternatives that exist all around us in the form of renewable resources?

We have at our disposal the very vastness of this state to begin investing and capitalizing on the number of renewable, natural resources; namely solar power. Solar panels have undergone something of a revolution during recent years allowing the average resident and business owner to easily take advantage of the money saving technology. We should begin upgrading our current energy infrastructure to reflect the coming needs and changes in technology if we want to be able to continue competing on a global stage. If we do nothing but rely on finite resources that will inevitably run out, we’ll be left behind while other nations and agencies move forward rapidly.

There’s a desperate need to invest heavily in this ‘green’ sector. Imagine a day where a residential owner will be able to provide themselves with all the energy that they’ll ever need thanks to solar panels. Imagine them being able to sell back an abundance of energy that they don’t use or simply return it to the power station. Allowing American citizens to become self-sufficient in all ways is a massive national security advantage that most countries will not be able to provide unless they do the same.

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