Accurate Predictions for Tennis Matches

When I was in school, I was on the tennis team. I loved playing, but I knew I was not good enough to play professionally. I still play as a hobby though, and I do enjoy watching tennis matches on TV when they are on. A friend asked me if I had ever bet on a game before, and I had to laugh. It’s not as if this was the NFL or anything, but he quickly told me that all sports have betting associated with them. He showed me a website that has tennis predictions on it, and i was instantly smitten with it.

I looked over the chart they had, and I was impressed with most of it because I did agree with a lot of it. There were a few matches that had me shaking my head though because I just did not agree with their prediction at all. Turns out, I was right, because one of them did not happen. However, the other 16 did! That was enough to get me interested enough in this site to start placing a few small bets. I went with the ones that I absolutely agree with at first, but then I started going for the riskier ones because the payoff was a lot better on those ones.

It is really neat to be involved in something that I am so passionate about. I will usually look at the prediction site a day or so before any major matches just to make sure that nothing surprising is being predicted. I will then place my bets, and more often than not, I am able to collect a nice chunk of change for my efforts. It makes watching the games even more exciting for me now, something I would never have thought was possible.

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