DirecTV Has Made TV Time Even Better

I almost didn’t get any television programming when I first moved to Washington last year. I had intended on it until I contacted the local cable company to see if they were running any promotions. They had a six month promotion, but the prices were still pretty high for it. I just could not justify paying that amount of money to watch a few shows every week. I was sort of complaining about this at work the following week, and that is when a coworker told me to look at

He explained that he was in the same boat when he first moved to the city a few years ago, and that is when someone told him about DirecTV. I went to the site that he shared with me, and I have to admit that I was pretty happy with what I saw. I was willing to give up the few shows that I enjoy because of the price, but with DirecTV, I would no longer need to do that. What made me really happy was seeing that even after the promotional period ended, I would still have some great rates at the regular prices.

The promotion was really nice too. I get a lower rate for two years because of the package that I got, but I get so much more than that too. I do enjoy movies, but I have never subscribed to a movie package because of the prices. With this, I was able to get three free months of all the movie channels. That allowed me to preview all of them and decide that I would like to get HBO because of the shows that they make themselves and cannot be seen elsewhere. Getting this DirecTV package has actually made my TV viewing a lot better!

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