Finding the Right Energy Provider Was Easy

When I realized that I actually had a choice in deciding which company would provide my energy to me, I admit that I got a little excited. I was curious about the different companies, and I wanted to see which ones matched my own values. I have been living here in Texas for a long time, but my ex was always the one that took care of our bills. Learning about the different energy providers was actually very exciting for me. After looking at all the ones that do service my area, it did not take me long to decide that CPL Energy Texas was the company that I wanted to provide my energy.

They have been in business for over 75 years, which is something I really like. There are quite a few energy companies that do not have a long history at all. I do hope that they are successful, but I prefer to keep my business with a company that is tried and true, and CPL Energy Texas is definitely that. Something that really drew me to CPL is the fact that they are very involved in the local community.

I am a Christian, and I believe that charity starts at home. I do donate to overseas causes, but I also make sure that I donate to my own community too, both in time and resources. CPL makes sure they are involved in community works, which is so important. They have funded lighting projects in different neighborhoods to help make them safer at night, and they also donate time and resources to after school programs. That alone makes them worthy to be my energy provider. They also have great rates and a multitude of energy plans, so I was able to find one that is perfect for me.

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