I Miss My Wife and Love My New Walls

After my wife passed away, I really found myself needing something to pick me up. She used to be the one who handled all the decorating. I never put my two cents in unless she asked me to. Decorating made her happy. But after she passed, I found myself wanting the place to look good like she used to do. So, I hired a painter in Bergen County NJ to help me out.

I really did not even know what type of paint to buy. I thought paint was paint. I did not realize that I needed to think about getting matte versus semi-glossy, and I did not know which kind should go where. The guy I hired was really knowledgeable about what he does, and he said that I should get semi-glossy for all the door trim, and flat for the walls. He said that it was up to me about which colors to pick out, but he knew exactly what brands of paint were the ones that would last me the longest, so that was very helpful.

I ended up going to the store and looking through all of the paint by myself. I thought at first that I should buy something manly, but I missed my wife. She would have bought something that we would both enjoy, so I looked for some of her favorite colors in her honor. After I picked out all the paint and brought it home, I was eager to call the painter over to get the work done. He showed up immediately, and said he would get it all done in a couple of days time. He did such a good job, and it really made me feel good. It reminded me of my wife, and it makes me smile when I look around the room.

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