Keeping Cool with Creative Ways

A quick HVAC installation in Manhattan, NY gave me an electric powered arctic climate in my own home. When my old air conditioner broke, I didn’t replace it because I didn’t have the money to do so. I kept cool by making a small air conditioner out of a fan, a bucket, and some ice. It didn’t really work as well as a big air conditioner, and it could only blow air in one area. There was no chance that I could use it to fill an entire room, just to cool my face. The ice would melt and I would have to fill the bucket again.

I saved a little money with each pay check to get just enough to buy and install a new air conditioner. Sometimes I would leave the house and drive around with the car air conditioner turned on. I worked from home, so there was no comfortable office building for me to go to when I needed cool air. I went to the local community center and swam in the pool for a while, but I couldn’t do this all day, because I had to work.

Not having a working air conditioner really made me think of creative ways to keep cool, but I knew I couldn’t keep doing it forever. Once I saved up enough to buy the air conditioner, I picked out one that I felt would last me for a lifetime. With the new air conditioner installed, I could leave behind my makeshift cooling methods. Freezing all of that water to make ice for the bucket was annoying, especially for something that didn’t give me the effect I wanted. I have a warranty on the air conditioner, so if something happens to it, I can get it repaired or replaced at no charge.

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