The Hole Where Things Disappear

Have you ever sat back and thought about the sort of things you stuff down into your drain? The drain represents that hole into the Place Where Things Disappears – it’s our go to hole for that human slop or items that we want to do away with. It’s the place where we can make it all disappear. The food that we don’t finish. The wedding rings we ‘accidentally’ lose down into its reaching, earth-penetrating depths. You would not believe what I fished out of drains while working as cleaner doing drain cleaning in Bronx NY. The average customer would always claim ignorance or innocence of those items which I was forced to snake out from winding, snaking pipes as if they were not the very people who were responsible for stuffing those pipes full of what I like to call human mulch.

Mulch is the sort of soil that’s thick and filled with wooden chips. Human mulch is the accumulation of all the condensed food, hair, spit and hardened toothpaste crud that ends up down into your typical drain. Think about the food you eat. Think about the food you’re scraping down into it; bones and gristle and bloody leftover meat. Grease and sauces. Hair falling from your head to join it in its sluicing trip down into the vastness of your home’s miniature irrigation; irrigation to wash away your waste. Now imagine all of that building up over the years until your food chunks are left within to rot away. That’s how a drain clog happens – especially when you’ve got non-disposable items making their way down over the years.

It’s like when people try to stuff paper towels into the drains as if the drain is the place it goes. Don’t you people have trash cans to do away with your garbage instead?!

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