They Must Have a Different Netflix in Canada

I saw a friend of mine the other day. He had been living in Canada for a couple of years and he came back home to see his folks for the holidays. I ran into him at the local department store and we spent a little time in there talking as we did our shopping. They must have a different netflix in Canada because he was telling me that he had tried to get Netflix USA by giving his dad’s name and address. It turns out that they base it on your ISP apparently. He was asking me for some help with it, because he thinks that I know a good deal about computers. My knowledge is really sort of mediocre, especially compared to most people who work in the tech field. It seems pretty obvious that you need to come up with some way to use a VPN or a proxy server if you want to fool them about your address. I am not sure how to do that, but I was curious and I looked around on the web to see if there was another way to do the job, but all that I found was a site where they used what amounted to a proxy server. It did not look as though they charged for the service, but I did not look at it all that closely really. I was just trying to figure out how they did it and if I could try to do it on my own. I really was not sure that I could trust them to be honest about installing stuff like this on my PC. I just do not think that I want to take any chances on this sort of thing. It looks like it might be innocuous, but there is not any reason to chance it.

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