Tree Parts Fall in the Spring

As much as I like the shade from the trees in my yard, I hate how bits and pieces of the trees fall into my yard whenever there is a bad storm. Every year I’ll find some branches that have fallen down, and they seem to get bigger with each storm. Recently, I had the top portion of a pine tree fall. If it had fallen a little closer, it would have hit the roof of my house, and probably went through it. I called for tree removal in Queens County, NY to get rid of the fallen bits.

To prevent anymore potential dangers, I had a company cut down the rest of the tree that fell. The tree would have rotted away over time, and fungus and insects would have made a home inside of it until it finally fell over, which would have probably been on the top of my home. The company used chainsaws to cut up the tree bits and chipped them up with a wood chipper. They asked me if I wanted to save the wood for personal use, but I didn’t have a fire place, and I don’t think pine wood would have been great for use in a smoker or a grill.

Unless I have all of the trees cut down, I’ll be dealing with their parts well into my old age. The benefits of the trees far outweigh the disadvantages, but the falling parts are still a nuisance. Once I have kids, they can deal with these tree parts. Maybe I can sell some of the wood to my neighbors who have fireplaces. There are quite a few of them around, and they usually buy their wood from the store. If I were more skilled at building, I would try to make something with it,

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