We Need More ISP Competition

That feeling of disappointment one can experience when they search via Google for Internet Providers in my area and find that there are only a handful is a feeling that is shared by way too many Americans these days. I remember back in the day when we still had dial-up you could pretty much find a dozen or more different providers each one offering their own unique price packages, often free if you were willing to share your computer screen with advertising. These days we have maybe three or four ‘reliable’ services that we can sign up with and almost always they’re going to have similar prices.

Where is the competition? Why have we allowed for such an industry to stagnate? It’s absurd that consumers do not have access to more providers offering unique packages and prices. Not all Internet connections are created equal and neither are the needs of the consumers. Time Warner and its cohorts might be able to provide packages for those consumers who are both heavy users and light users, they are often the same prices between them and even then the prices are out of this world expensive. The quality of our ISP industry is lacking and it shows.

Comcast recently attempted to mock Google for their fiber network going out during the world series. In turn, thousands of Comcast customers flooded their social media with complaint after complaint. When is it going to become obvious to these companies and the FCC that the public loathes them? When are we going to see actual, meaningful real change occur within this industry? Nobody would shed a tear if they were pulled apart brick by brick and left to fallow aside while new blood was introduced to the markets. We need change and we need it right now.

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