Working Down Here at Southern Command

I just got my new contract, but they are sending me down to Southern Command at McDill Air Force base near Tampa FL. I have been looking around for a place to live. Today I was at this place, which is located at 10246 Douglas Oaks Circle. I clocked the time from there to the gate of the air force base and thought about how it would be if it was rush hour. Of course I will be going in at just about any hour of the day, but it is around 18 miles and that does not include the distance I have to go inside the base. Of course it is around 25 minutes or a half an hour in good traffic and that would be quite acceptable. It is not what I would have liked to have it. In truth I would prefer to have a place on the beach about five minutes from the base. That probably is not practical, in fact I am not really sure if there is a beach in that area.

MacDill sits upon a peninsula right in the middle of Tampa Bay, so it is not far from a beach I am sure, as there is water on three sides around it. I am trying to figure out when the Panthers will be down here. I figure that I will probably still be down here while the season is going on and I may as well try to get a seat behind the Panthers bench. I guess I could probably get a deal on them if I waited until the last minute, but instead I want to get a really good seat right around the fifty yard line, I am wondering where I need to sit to get a really good view.

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